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SIU AdLab Camp

Conference and Scheduling Services hosts a variety of educational camps designed to challenge your child academically, while still providing a fun and exciting learning atmosphere.

Academic Camps
Camp Date Grade/Age Format
American Sign Language for Kids June / July Grades 1-5 / 6-12 Virtual
Continuing Education Courses for High School Students Starting June 16 or July 14 Ages 9-12 Virtual
Cooperative Youth June 24 Grades 9-12 Overnight
Saluki AdLab High School Advertising Intensive June 4 Grades 9-12 Day
Junior Aviator III (Junior Pilot) June 7-11 Grades 1-3 Day
Junior Aviator III (Junior Mechanic) June 7-11 Grades 1-3 Day
Saluki AdLab Graphic Design Workshop June 8-9 Grades 9-12 / Adult Learners Virtual
Kid Architecture June 7-11 or June 14-18 Grades 4-6 Day
Summer Wings Aviation Camp June 13-18 Grades 9-12 Overnight/Day
Challenge To Excellence June 20-25 and July 18-23 Grades 9-12 Day
Middle School Architecture June 21-25 Grades 7-9 Day
Junior Aviator II June 21-25 Grades 4-5 Day
Junior Aviator III June 28-July 2 Grades 6-7 Day
School of Accountancy Soar Camp July 11-17 Grades 10-12 Overnight